The amazing, almost magical city of Singapore sits in a fascinating part of the world. Tourists, business people, and returning visitors are welcome to sample its many ethnic flavors. There are attractions to admire and much good food in Singapore to savor. In fact, Singapore dining offers such a variety, you may have a problem deciding where to start. Get yourself a good city map and a comprehensive dining guide, and you can be on your way. The “Lion City” has been waiting to show off its best side, the good food in Singapore.

Your dining guide will not only tell you where to find delectable treasures, it will also explain what some of those local specialties actually are. For example, on a hot day, Singaporeans may enjoy “kacang,” a grated ice dish with sweet syrup over a bean mixture below. They may also be drinking “chendol,” a coconut milk drink. One of the top ten foods in Singapore is “satay,” meat kabobs with rice cake and a cucumber/peanut sauce. Really adventurous types might want to sample”murtabak,” a combination of pizza and curry. The variety is endless as are the places where you can enjoy Singapore dining.

For those looking for family dining, the food courts offer something for everyone. Unlike in the past, today’s food hawkers will be selling their specialties in specific food courts or eateries that may be out in the open air or inside building complexes. Highly regulated for sanitation and hygiene, these fast food outlets offer inexpensive but quality Singapore dining to those passing by. Orchard Road, the main retail and hotel area of the city, has numerous eateries such as these as well as five-star restaurants for those who want to sit down to an elegant, well-appointed dining experience. Chefs from Europe have been known to visit just to acquire some of the secrets to the good food in Singapore.

Tourists always enjoy visiting Sentosa Island, the city’s giant playground. Various attractions supply entertainment to the guests frequenting the many excellent hotels there. Family dining is easy, affordable, and convenient. There is also a huge shopping complex that hosts many retail food and beverage outlets. Not only are there excellent restaurants within the hotels, there are also independent entities with world renowned reputations. For folk who prefer a specific cultural flavor, there is something for everyone, whether it is Asian, Indian, mid-Eastern, or even European. You will not be disappointed in the Singapore dining experience, and you will be making memories that will call you back to this wonderful city again and again.

Source by Charles Cheow


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