If scenic destinations lure you, then how can you escape going for a Singapore holiday or buying some Thailand packages! Both Singapore and Thailand are two gems of south-east Asia and have been welcoming tourists for years and years. In this article, you will get to know why these two destinations are always on the top of the wish list of all ardent backpackers.

Taking a Singapore tour package and heading to this lush green and evergreen country can be a seriously amazing experience. In this kingdom where man-made marvels coalesce perfectly into temples and temples into beaches, you can have the time of your life. Singapore though a small country is situated in the middle of the seas and hence is watery, verdant and filled with beaches and islands. It is a sophisticated nation where you can come across all those gleaming objects which modern life has to offer. From exotic spas to posh hotels, from the craziest of cuisines to the richest of wines, the country simply promises you a moon and never fails to deliver.

A Singapore holiday is really made up of stuffs meant for fairy tales. Take for instance, the captivating Sentosa Island which has always been the favorite haunt of the tourists. At Sentosa, you get some really shimmering beaches which are carved perfectly in a natural manner. Their shape and the bluish color of the ocean can give you goose bumps. Being the modern cousin of other more conservative beaches, the ones in Sentosa can give you your share of thrill with some spine-chilling games like snorkeling and parasailing. Scuba diving, of which you must have read and seen in movies, gives you this amazing experience of diving into the depths of the ocean and taking a peep at the marine life. Can anything be more exciting than get?

Singapore tour package guarantees a good time as you visit iconic monuments and landmarks. The Statue of Merlion may not feature in the World’s 7 wonders but it is no short of one. Then there is the Marina Bay Sky Park which is a sky park & pool atop sky-kissing hotels. Looking down from the top is just jaw-dropping!

One of the greatest attractions of the country is the Jurong Bird Park which is the best place to get personal with a huge variety of birds including macaws and penguins. There is also the Jurong Reptile Park which is not as famous as the bird park but nevertheless an inviting prospect for someone interested in reptiles! Night Safari is another famous thing and is generally always included under a Singapore tour package. Marketing in places like Haji Lane and China Town should also make your Singapore holiday an unforgettable affair.

Another country in the same corner of the Earth is Thailand which is urbane, modern and ultra fast. Thailand packages include trips to those fascinating Buddhist temples (Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha, etc), visit to beaches, tours of Floating market and other exciting places. Did you know that in this country you can feed chocolate milk to colorful fishes, you can cuddle a tiger, you can take a croc baby in your arms, you can watch a live crocodile show and you can witness live handling of giant king cobras! Monuments, monasteries, markets, malls, hotels and restaurants give your Thailand packages a really alluring look. So, head to this country for some special moments!

Source by Sofia Kaur Jenie


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