Are you fond of trekking? Do you want to enjoy trekking in the mountain land of Nepal? Yes, then plan a visit to Nepal and know the useful trekking tips. Here are some essential tips that let you enjoy the trek to the full.

Maintain your health: A fit and fine body is must o enjoy trekking experience. You should have stamina to trek in the high trekking altitudes of Nepal like Everest trekking trail, Annapurna trekking trail, Manaslu trekking route, etc. You should not suffer from the problems like nausea, asthma, etc to trek at higher altitude.

Pack your bag in right way: you should carry everything that you can need on trekking tour. Your bag must be comfortable and light to carry on the route. You should carry water bottle, some dry readymade energetic food supplements, a pair of shocks, body warmer, a pair of comfortable sleeper, clothes, etc. You should carry required medicines on your trekking tour. You should keep some medicines for cough and cold. The temperature at higher altitude may go unusually low.

Have properly fitted boot for trekking: Comfortable foot wear is must for trekking. You should some more time to find a good pair of boot for trekking. You can easily find such boots in good shoe brand in the market.

Wear comfortable outfits: Your outfits must be comfortable enough to let you trek easily. Your dress should not be too tight or too loose. It should have proper fitting. In this way, you can enjoy your trek.

Hope now you can enjoy trekking in Nepal safely and comfortably. It is recommended to enjoy trekking under the guidance of an expert trekking guide. The guide has proper knowledge about the trekking routes and will not let you trek in the dangerous trekking trails. Nepal treks can be made more enjoyable and safe under the guidance of guide. Also the guide will arrange for required safety gear to trek safely. They will also arrange your accommodation on the high mountains.

You may not have idea regarding the poplar and enjoying Nepal Trekking trails. But the guide will let you trek in all popular route. People of all age and strength can enjoy trekking in Nepal as it offer trekking at beginner level, medium trekking route and at higher altitude. So, visit Nepal and enjoy trekking in the land of mountains. Hope that above mentioned trekking tips must be useful to you.

Source by Terence Lewis


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