Cyprus is an island state divided in two, between Greece (in the south) and Turkey (in the north). A clear division, bounded by borders, which in recent years has led to a different economic and cultural development. And, of course, tourism. To the south is very developed tourism, hotels with well-organized, local restaurants and ports for the boats in the most characteristic. The most popular, Limassol, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Kyrenia, the beach of Fig Tree Bay. This area of the island is very popular with Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian tourists, but also many Italians who spend their summer holidays on these shores.

In the north, however, time seems to stand still. Here, the island has remained more faithful to its roots and has recently developed over the years. Even from a tourism point of view. The beaches of Famagusta, as wide as the Rio de Janeiro, but as an unspoiled atoll of the Maldives, or Rizokarpaso, the location on the edge extreme east of Cyprus, are already accessible, but does not offer much for the accommodation. Those who spend their holidays in Cyprus, usually comes on these beaches for a day trip, but then returns in the most tourist and fun. Some yard is already beginning to develop and, on the Internet, there are advertisements for the sale of apartments, for those who wish to invest.

The news of the fall of the wall in Nicosia, the last remaining bastion that symbolized the division of the two areas under the control of two different countries, is well to think of a much larger development of that part of the island hidden beaches pristine, wild and isolated

Source by Johnny Creed


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