The Seven Wonders of the World possess that inherent capacity to attract and allure people in comparison to which all other beauties and monuments of the whole world have failed to stand. From the different parts of the world only seven things have been able to stand as the most beautiful and must see and therefore, you can rightly imagine how majestic they will be. The new seven wonders of the world that have won everybody’s heart and consent for being the best are Chichen Itza, Mexico; Christ Redeemer, Brasil; Colosseum, Italy; Taj Mahal, India; Great Wall of Chine; Petra, Jordan and Machu Picchu of Peru.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichén Itzá, is the most famous Mayan temple city and at a time was the political and economic center of the Mayan civilization. It has various structures – the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Chac Mool, the Hall of the Thousand Pillars and the Playing Field of the Prisoners, which can be seen now also.

Christ Redeemer, Brasil

This statue of Jesus is designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa and created by French sculptor Paul Landowski. It stands some 38 meters tall, atop the Corcovado Mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Colosseum, Italy

This great sports stadium is some 2,000 years old where the glory of the Roman Empire was being celebrated. For the joy of the audiences, it is being found that cruel fights and games were being played in this arena.

Taj Mahal, India

The fifth Muslim Mughal emperor of India, Shah Jahan built this mausoleum in the memory of his loving late wife Mumtaj. Thousands of workers were being employed for building this fully white marbled palace.

The Great Wall of China

To attack and send the Mongol tribes out of China and to build a united defense system this wall was being build. This is being considered to be the largest man-made monument ever in this earth.

Petra, Jordan

It was the glittering capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV (9 B.C. to 40 A.D.) that is found on the edge of the Arabian Desert. This theater had a space for 4,000 audiences and was modeled on Greek-Roman prototypes.

Machu Picchu, Peru

It was a city built in the clouds on the mountain known as Machu Picchu. It is being believed that the Incas abandoned it because of a smallpox outbreak. It left ‘lost’ for over three centuries after the Incan Empire being defeated by the Spanish. The Incan Emperor Pachacútec built this city in the 15th century. This city lies halfway up the Andes Plateau, deep in the Amazon jungle and above the Urubamba River.

Source by Jimmy Singh


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