A new modern icon in the landscape of Beijing. The construction of The Beijing Great Wheel, the largest observation wheel in the world, about twice the size of the London Eye, starts on Monday 5 November in Chaoyang Park, in the centre of Beijing. The Wheel will be completed in 2009, the iconic structure will transform the skyline andtourism in the Olympic city.

The Beijing Great Wheel Project is developed by Beijing Great Wheel Co. Ltd in close cooperation with Beijing Chaoyang Park. The Wheel will be built by Shanghai Construction (Group) General Co. and commercial insurance will be provided by Marsh (Beijing) Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd together with Bank of China Insurance Company Limited.

The Great Wheel Corporation in connection with AMB Amro and UniCredit Group are providing the finance of nearly USD 99 million with the help of German investors in the fund Global View. The technical backbone of the wheel has been provided by the same group of companies who were responsible for the London Eye, the first major observation wheel in the world. The Dutch company IV Bouw will provide the engineering for the Great Beijing Wheel, Poma from France will construct the observation capsules and Bosch/Rexroth will manufacture the drive and control systems.

The Beijing Great Wheel is 208 meters high with a circle operation of approximately 30 minutes. There are 48 synchronized air-conditioned observation capsules fixed on the wheel rim. Each capsule can carry up to 40 passengers. The passengers will be able to experience fantastic 360 panoramic view of Beijing and beyond. An exciting new terminal will be built, to allow passengers to board the wheel in a temperature controlled climate and enjoy the many restaurants, bars and shops.

Florian Bollen Chairman of the Great Wheel Corporation and Director of Beijing Great Wheel Co.Ltd commented that Beijing, which has been for so long the cultural and tourist capital of the Chinese world is currently being strengthened further through the 2008 Olympics Summer Games and has created the desire of Great Wheel to be part of this fantastic development.

Check out the image gallery here http://www.greatwheel.com/beijing_eng/flash_gallery.php

Official Website: www.greatwheel.com

Source by Thomas Lau


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