Well developed economies try and flourish their businesses, set their sights on emerging markets and regard trade with China as a golden opportunity. But what business opportunity is China offering?

Primarily, we must understand trading with China in terms of imports and exports because it is important to know what business opportunities China has. A primary opportunity that China offers is its ability to manufacture goods inexpensively. With wages under a dollar an hour, trade with China can undercut any other suppliers purely due to low cost and better efficiency. Korea, Bangladesh and other countries are trying to adopt low-end manufacturing while China is offering higher quality standards, better work environment, motivation, creativity, sophistication and complexity.

In fact, the greatest business opportunity China offers is exporting. China’s local consumerism is growing rapidly and buying power is increasing significantly with time and the Chinese have a hunger for international brands due to inferior quality image of local brands and superior quality image of international brands. Many international brands have recently successfully started trade with China.

In trade with China, demand for luxury goods is high. This is obvious because of the economic success and high GDP of China. Recent study reveals that there are about 128 Chinese billionaires. This is a huge number and gives a clear view as to why trading luxury goods with China is so important.

Countries with strong beverage industries are doing their best to utilize the business opportunities in China by offering beer, wine, spirits and other similar products. And certainly the Chinese are showing great interest and response to these drinks and their taste.

Business opportunities in China in real estate are also very vital and of great importance. A few years back it seemed that real estate investment meant guaranteed success. Usually people who explored business opportunities in China real estate were scared away by reports of declining prices and legislations. It is said that many key buildings on land in major Chinese cities sit largely empty, but these comments came more from a contrarian disposition than moral conviction. In fact, investing in Chinese real estate is very good and this sector has huge potential in the future as well.

Franchising is also an important dimension when it comes to trade with China. In the recent past, many of the major European giant brands who were reluctant to enter the Chinese markets through franchising started their business doing so quite smoothly and successfully.

Legislation has improved in the past decade which is now more supporting towards international investments as compared to the past. Copyrights and patent legislation is more enforceable now. Furthermore, the infrastructure sector has been revolutionized. Development of mass transits, bullet trains, and modern highways show how China has grown in the last ten years.

Energy, Mineral rights, Health Care, Engineering and IT are areas of particular interest in trade with China based on the buzz headlines and trends. So come and make full use of business opportunities in China that await you.

Source by Rinda L Martin


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