Sri Lanka is a place where you can witness Elephants, Bears and Leopards with lot more wild animals in a single jeep tour in wild habitat. There are more than 20 national parks in Sri Lanka and the most famous parks hold the high rate of spotting specific animals. Below are some

Yala – Leopard, Bear, Elephants, deer and birds

Vilpaththu –   Leopard, Bear

Wasgamuwa – Bear, Leopard, Elephant herds

Minneriya & Habarana – Elephant herds

Kumana – Birds

The above parks are the most famous and all the National parks controlled by Wildlife department of Sri Lanka and some parks have bungalows inside.  At the park entrance you have to buy the tickets and they will provide a tracker, he will guide you till the end of your safari inside the park and you have to obey the park rules, specially “No stepping out”.

Note – Some Parks are closed on breeding season please be advised before you visit (Yala closing around end of August for one month)